Using technology to support Christian mission


The following projects have been done on a pro-bono basis to help the ministry of Missions Interlink (the Australian network for global mission).


Mission organisations have common requirements. Every mission and Bible college does donor management, events, projects, opportunities.

MissionONE is a backend database to enable digital platforms for mission. The system is for secure use by mission organisations and Bible colleges.

  • Better use of resources/ finances
  • Better tools for your mission
  • Greater impact for each donor dollar


Mission Seek

MissionSeek is a public website that aims to connect Christians to mission opportunities.

  • More visibility for your opportunites
  • More ways for Christians to find opportunities
  • More Christians engaged in Missions


The purpose of Give Higher is to encourage Australian Christians to give higher amounts to a higher and lasting purpose. Give Higher provides a platform that centralises mission projects and Christian workers that need financial support.

Give Higher is a ministry of Missions Interlink, the Australian network for global mission. Through Missions Interlink, organisations collaborate to support and assist Australian Christians to be effectively engaged in cross-cultural and global mission. It is God’s mission.


Data Migrations

We have worked on a number of data migration and data cleaning projects. If your mission organisation has a migration project, consider talking to us.

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